Refinancing your Loan

Refinancing your loan.

Refinancing can feel as complicated as getting it in the first place, but it can be very beneficial if it works for you. Main reasons to look at refinancing your loans:

  • Access your equity in your property
    Refinance your loan and tap into your equity to use it for:

    • Creating further investments or properties
    • Purchasing those “toys” that you have always wanted (cars, boats, caravans, jet ski)
    • Holidays
    • Renovations
  • Change your term and get a competitive interest rate, saving you money
  • Different loan features to meet your goals
  • Consolidate Debt

The sands are continually shifting in the lending space. Regulation, lender policy and market forces all have an impact on the interest rate and how we can structure your loans. We recommend reviewing your debt strategy regularly to ensure that you are getting the right solution and to make sure it meets your requirements.

Note: Calculators are illustrative only – we assess your borrowing capacity based on your current financial position. Apply online now to receive accurate information.


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